It is very profitable and convenient to cooperate with our company. We undertake not only the production of toilet paper rolls and comfort lux roll towels, but we also offer a full range of services - from developing a design layout for packaging under your brand to delivering products to your warehouse, followed by support and guarantees from the manufacturer.

We value every client. We respect any wishes.

Choose from the proposed options the scheme of work that suits you and contact us for further cooperation:

Toilet paper warehouse comfort lux

Trade networks. The main priority in the work of our company is working with large international and national chains in terms of manufacturing rolls of toilet paper and towels under their Private label. Invite us to participate in the tender, and we will offer you the best solutions and favorable terms of cooperation.

HORECA, cleaning companies. We invite cleaning companies and companies serving the HOREKA segment to cooperation - we will offer you wholesale of our rolls of toilet paper and roll towels of excellent quality without an external paper label. This will reduce the purchase price and optimize costs.

Warehouse Toilet Paper

Distributors.Excellent cooperation conditions for distributors in different regions of the country and the world. Our products - toilet paper from the warehouse has a wide range of advantages: it is of excellent quality, unlimited shelf life, constantly growing in price and has a constant demand from customers.

Warehouse of toilet paper for an online store. You can wholesale and sell comfort lux toilet paper rolls and roll towels in your online store. The toilet paper warehouse can organize the work in such a way that the dispatch of your order will be carried out directly from our factory on behalf of your online store.

Businesses and offices. To provide your company or office with rolls of toilet paper and roll towels on a monthly basis, it is enough to conclude a contract with us once, and we will deliver your order to your address on time on a monthly basis.

Medical centers, hospitals, schools and kindergartens. The comfort lux rolls of toilet paper and rolls are ideal for hygiene and cleanliness issues in healthcare centers, hospitals, schools and day care centers.

Service stations, auto centers and repair shops. The most effective method to collect dirt and oil during the repair and maintenance of cars and other equipment is the use of rolled paper towels made from waste paper comfort lux.

Toilet paper warehouse for wholesaler

We do not retail, our toilet paper warehouse is for wholesaler only. But, if you order our products from 1 package - we will find an opportunity to send you this package!

If none of the proposed cooperation options suits you, contact the sales department anyway, and we will advise you on the best solution to your problem. Contacts

We are always in touch: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Let's make this world cleaner together!