Everything you need to know about quality toilet paper

Toilet paper is an essential household item that every civilized person needs every day. The choice of toilet paper, like any other product, should be taken seriously, because your comfort and even health depend on it.

The comfort lux offers exclusively high-quality recycled and cellulose toilet paper for wholesalers and retailers at an attractive price.

So what should be quality toilet paper?

So what should be quality toilet paper?

  • When buying, you should immediately pay attention to the packaging. It should be made of durable polyethylene to protect the paper from moisture, dust and pathogenic bacteria.

  • The paper should be soft and pleasant to the touch.

  • It should also absorb moisture well.

  • An additional indicator of high quality products is the presence of embossing for better absorption and tear lines for more economical use.

  • Naturally, paper should also be environmentally friendly, biodegradable.

  • The hypoallergenicity of the product and compliance with all sanitary standards are also important.

A nice bonus in addition to all of the above indicators is the low price. For all trading companies in Ukraine that want to buy toilet paper in bulk, comfort lux offers truly favorable terms of cooperation.

Since 2004, our company has continued to develop and grow thanks to the stable expansion of the range and the continuous improvement of product quality.

Buy comfort lux and get decent quality for a reasonable price.

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